In a memo sent to Larry Probst, the Executive Chairman of EA, Riccitiello said that the company’s financial performance is going to be at the lower end of the financial guidance that was set for the year and that he is completely accountable for it. Under John’s leadership, the company released Origin – a games distribution platform and also saw the acquisition of the mobile game making company – PopCap.

In a letter written to the employees of the company, Riccitiello said that the employees of EA have navigated this rapidly growing industry resulting in a digital business  which has now grown into a big $1.5 billion company and is also growing at a very fast pace. The big investments that the company’s employees have made in developing EA’s own platform are now showing great and solid returns, He added.

Riccitiello revealed that he has decided March 31 as his last day to provide upcoming and talented leaders in EA to get a fresh new start in the coming financial year. John joined EA as the COO in the year 1997 and was made the CEO in 2007. Following the resignation, shares of the company were trading up more than 3 per cent.  

Larry Probst, the company’s Executive Chairman, wished John all the best for his future life. John has made an incredible mark on the company’s culture and has shaped some of most successful company leaders, he added.