PCMag has carried out an extensive study about the popular apps on both Android and iOS platform and their availability in other platforms like the BlackBerry OS 10 and Windows Phone 8. Sascha Segan of PCMag chose a total of 40 apps from Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store and then searched for those apps on Windows Phone and BlackBerry market places. In case there was no directly availability of the app on these platforms, Segan looked for functional equivalent.

Going by this, out of the 102 apps in the iOS App Store BlackBerry had 15 apps while Windows Phone had 35. When it came to Android, BlackBerry 10 had 31 per cent of Android apps as compared to 35 per cent of Android apps. “That’s interesting because BlackBerry 10 is supposed to “run” Android apps”, notes Segan.

BlackBerry and Microsoft are both offering quite a lot of incentives to the developer community. BlackBerry has been busy giving away $10,000 to developers who built high-quality native apps. On the other hand Microsoft hasn’t been giving away bounty but, is busy working with developers at personnel level and helping them market their apps in a bid to maximize their reach.