Tizen is an actually an open source, Linux-based OS and Samsung plans to use it in future phones. Today the market is dominated by Android and iOS being the leaders; Windows Phone and Blackberry OS slowly catching up. Samsung is planning to release Tizen based smartphone in Q3 this year.   

Samsung’s mobile chief JK Shin shed some light on company’s future plans regarding the Tizen OS in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, “We are in the process of merging Bada with Tizen [an open-source operating system being developed by Samsung and Intel Corp. You will likely see the first smartphone using Tizen from Samsung in the third quarter of this year.”

Bada OS was used by Samsung in their early days but it failed to prove itself and Samsung had to discontinue it. Samsung is now working hard on Tizen OS along with Android.

Samsung already knows that the market is flooded with smartphones running iOS, Android and other major OS, by introducing a new OS in such saturated market will be a tough challenge for them.