With the leadership of the two new CEOs, the company aims to enhance the management of its independent set of component businesses. Under President Yoon’s leadership, the company’s Television business became the No. 1 global company in 2006 and has maintained its global leadership position even today.

Under President Shin’s leadership, the company’s mobile business witnessed remarkable growth and has attained the No.1 position globally in the smartphone global market in 2011 and in the overall global mobile phone market in 2012.

Mr. Boo-keun Yoon will continue overseeing Consumer Electronics Segment of the company, which includes TV and other appliance products. While Mr. J.K. Shin will remain the head in charge of Samsung Electronics’ IT and Mobile Communications segment. Kwon will continue supervising Samsung’s component businesses.

It will be quite interesting to see if the decision taken by the company’s Group Chairman Mr. Lee Kun-hee of managing each operating unit independently under the leadership of three CEOs will prove beneficial for the company.