Asus Transformer AiO is actually a huge tablet which serves dual purposes, when connected to a dock it works like a desktop while without the dock it serves as an Android tablet. But XPS 18 with its beautiful 1080p 18.4-inch touchscreen is a tablet and desktop all-in-one. A power stand is available as an additional accessory to use XPS 18 like a desktop. It also comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse which can be used in desktop mode.

XPS18 weighs at 4.85 pounds and can be equipped with optional solid state drive and runs on Intel Core processors. According to Dell, the battery is good for five hours when connected to the power dock. The most interesting part of XPS 18 is its price; Dell will start selling it at $899.99 from April 16 but if you need an SSD, upgraded processor and a power stand you need to pay extra bucks for that! On the contrary, Asus Transformer AIO costs a whopping $1300 and upwards.

The XPS 18 will be available on in the United States and in select countries in Europe on April 16.