Seijiro Tomita, who was a former employee of the Sony company filed a suit against Nintendo in the year 2011, claiming that he holds the technology patent for displaying glasses-free 3D media. According to him Nintendo used the same technology in its 3DS gaming device. This made Tomita to file a law suit against Nintendo for 3D patent infringement.

On the other hand, Scott Lindvall, Nintendo’s attorney claimed that the game making company did not use central features of Seijiro Tomita’s patent technology in its hand held gaming device and Tomita was just an ordinary folk the company met while looking for the 3D technology for its new gaming devices in the year 2003. The proceedings of the Seijiro- Nintendo case took place in Manhattan’s District Court.

According to Reuter’s report, on Wednesday, the New York Federal Jury finally concluded that Nintendo used the patent features developed by Seijiro Tomita in its 3DS gaming device. The New York Federal jury awarded Tomita with $30.2 million as against compensation.

After the judgment by the New York Federal Jury was given in favor of Seijiro Tomita, Joe Diamante, Tomita’s attorney said to Reuter’s that they are extremely happy and thankful to all the jurors for their hard work and diligence. He felt honored representing Seijiro Tomita in the court and also to protect Tomita’s invention, added Joe.