Foxconn, also known as Hon-Hai has been one of the major manufacturing companies fulfilling Apple’s maximum manufacturing needs. Reportedly, Pegatron will now account for manufacturing a great portion of the company’s total iPhone production. Pegatron will be held responsible for manufacturing around 75 per cent of the total low-cost iPhone production and 55 per cent of Apple’s iPhone4 and iPhone4S production.

Foxconn will continue manufacturing all of Apple’s FDD-LTE iPhone5S, the new iPhone5 as well as low cost TDD_LTE iPhone handsets. The company will also be taking up 25 per cent of the total manufacturing order for low cost FDD_TDD iPhones, and 45 per cent order of manufacturing iPhone4 and iPhone 4s models with W-CDMA and CDMA features.

With Apple’s iPhone plans for 2013, Pegatron will be highly benefitted as the company’s ODM/OEM weighting will hike up to 27 per cent as compared to 2012’s 18 per cent witnessing an increase of around 9 percent. FDD technology iPhones will be produced earlier as compared to TDD technology iPhones due to some restraints arising in the licensing and testing of the TDD handsets.