According to a report on China Times [Google translated] Apple has selected the Taiwanese chip firm “Chipbond” to provide different components for the next iPhone dubbed by many in the rumour-land as “iPhone 5S.” These components include touch display and the chips which support fingerprint sensor and near field communications (NFC) capabilities. The reports also suggest that Apple will make use of this fingerprint sensor technology to enhance the security of NFC features.

This is not the first time that we are hearing rumours about finger print sensor being use in the next iPhone. Last year Apple acquired AuthenTec, a mobile security company for $356 million. Since then analysts are speculating that Apple will be using a fingerprint reader in its next iPhone.

NFC feature is nowadays available on most of the smartphones by Android top dogs but iPhone is still struggling to get it. iPhone 5 was rumoured to get this feature but Apple was not in a mood to fulfill the wishes of its loyal iPhone consumers.

In July last year, some reports also suggested that Apple was ready to jump in the mobile payments field that could tie closely to NFC technology. But for now Apple is focusing on the Passbook app which allows users to store coupons, event tickets, boarding passes and some forms of mobile payments.