MacRumors has got their hands on a tweaked version of Apple TV which is actually a production device that has just begun to show up in Appleā€™s retail stores. Interestingly this tweaked Apple TV is still using A5 chip instead of A5x but it is considerably smaller than the previous one.

This is not the first time when this popular A5 chip has got reduction in its size as previously Apple switched from 45nm process to 32nm process decreasing the size of A5 chip. This new chip was used for Apple iPad2, third generation Apple TV and the iPad mini.

For the reference, the 45nm variant measured 10.09mm x 12.15mm, the 32 nm variant measured 8.19mm x 8.68mm while this new chip only measures 6mm x 6mm.

Samsung has been manufacturing A5X chips for Apple but it has still not shifted to 28nm process so it is most likely that Apple has acquired these news chips from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). Samsung is also shifting to a 28nm process but the mass production capacity will not be ready until later this year.