The company reportedly sold a whopping 30.06 million smartphones this year as compared to 10.90 million units in 2011. According to the report, Samsung at present holds a total market share of 17.7 per cent in China. Considering the fact that the company just started selling its smartphones in China since 2009, this is indeed a very rapid and great achievement for Samsung.

At the second place is China’s home grown company Lenovo with market share of 13.2 per cent, followed by Apple at the third position with 11 per cent market share. The fourth and the fifth position were held by state owned companies Huawei with 9.9 per cent and Coolpad with 9.7 per cent market share respectively. 2011’s top ranking company, Nokia, stood at the seventh position with 3.7 per cent market share.

The report marks Samsung as the top brand in the Chinese mobile market for the very first time. Though Samsung holds the number one position in China, its tech competitors are not much far behind. The demand for Apple’s iPhone 5 in the fourth quarter sales increased considerably with its global market share at42.7 per cent as compared to Samsung Electronics’ 28.7 per cent global market share.

Samsung expects to meet this increase with the launch of its new Galaxy S 4 smartphone which is to be unveiled on March14 in New York. There have been leaks previously indicating the number of models that will be available of the S4; inclusion of eye-tracking capabilities; and use of green PHOLED display instead of the standard AMOLED display. Samsung also released a teaser video for the upcoming launch of the S4.