There have been leaks previously indicating the number of models that will be available of the S4; inclusion of eye-tracking capabilities; and use of green PHOLED display instead of the standard AMOLED display. Samsung also released a teaser video for the upcoming launch of the S4.

The latest leak takes us right through to actual looks of the S4 – which surprisingly looks more or less like the Galaxy S3. A Chinese forum has leaked the images of Samsung GT-i9502 which is dubbed to be the next-gen Galaxy smartphone. From the leaked images the handset doesn’t look like having a 4.99-inch screen. Some of the images however show specifications of the handset – Quad core processor and a Full HD 1920×1080 display.

Chances are that the images may be photoshopped but, if we consider the alleged S4 cases that appeared in CeBIT 2013, this might be the real deal.