Noting that the things have been reasonably calm at this stage of the release Linus notes in the mailing list announcement that the overall progress has been good “for this phase in the rc window.”

Major work has been done on the wireless network drivers along with DRM updates, Btrfs updates, and updates to ARM among others. Overall the diffstat is reasonably flat, which Torvalds notes is a “good sign.”

Torvalds notes that there is a lot of stuff across the kernel-land but there is nothing scary. “Stuff all over the place, but nothing horribly scary. Considering that some rc2’s are too big to post a shortlog for, I’m happy”, he notes. Ending the release announcement, Torvalds urges developers to “keep it that way.”

The message at the end of the announcement should ring bells about what had happened near the end of February when Torvalds lambasted a few developers over their suggestion of adding code into the Linux kernel that would allow users to easily boot Linux on Windows 8 systems.