A malware developer going by the name ‘Perkele’ is advertising his malware, dubbed by the same name, as a Trojan available in two versions regular and the lite that will appear on infected smartphones as legitimate banking app but, will actually intercept SMS messages sent by the banks in the two-way authentication process.

The mobile malware works along with ‘Web Injects’ PC malware, a malware known to modify banking sites and persuading the user to reveal its login details. The user is asked to install Perkele, which then intercepts the secret code sent by the bank via SMS and then the hacker is able to obtain access to your online banking account.

There are quite a few malware available that are smarter and more sophisticated than Perkele but, these are tied of a specific strain of malware on the PC. The ingenuity of Perkele is that is compatible with all the PC Trojans that support Web Injects. Read more on Kerbs on Security.