Speaking at the SXSW Interacive Bre Pettis, CEO of Makerbot, revealed that the 3D scanner was a natural progression for the company after the 3D printer and with the help of the scanner, 3D printing would be more easier.

“It’s a natural progression for us to create a product that makes 3D printing even easier. With the MakerBot Digitizer, now everyone will be able to scan a physical item, digitize it, and print it in 3D—with little or no design experience”, said Pettis in a statement. From the looks of it and as TechCrunch describers the scanner “uses two lasers to map small, breadbox-sized objects and a webcam to create a digital model of any object.”

No details have been made available yet in terms of the pricing, availability or specifications for the Digitizer. According to emails that have been sent out to people who had subscribed for more information on the scanner, the scanner completes the scanning of objects in “as little as three minutes.”