Sam Spilsbury stated that he had been working on the port since a few days and that the PoC code of XBMC port on Wayland is ready. Getting the port to work Spilsbury went about making changes to the XBMC code as well as the SDL library.

“I am pushing some proof-of-concept code today for something I’ve been working on over the past few days to add one more to the mix – support for the wayland compositor infrastructure”, notes Spilsbury on his blog.

The code is not up to the mark and as Sam notes it “is a bit of a mess”. There are some bugs as well notes the developer. One such bug leaves the xbmc in a hung state. Spilsbury has released the code with the bug thereby inviting others who might be interested to dig into the issue and probably resolve it. Further, the developer also has a few questions about the implementation of the backend.

The SDL and xbmc code can be found here and here respectively.