WhatsApp is available for all the major OS in the market including BlackBerry OS 7 but unfortunately is still not available on BlackBerry OS 10. This is about to change as Alex Kinsella, PR at BlackBerry, on Thursday tweeted that BlackBerry users will “be downloading WhatsApp” on their devices next week.

BlackBerry after a long struggle is looking to get better with its newly released Z10 running on BlackBerry OS 10. This was a do or die situation for BlackBerry and they had no option to reshape everything from hardware to software in order to compete with the iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The biggest problem faced by BlackBerry OS 10 is the number as well as the quality of apps. BlackBerry is expecting to overcome this problem and they are trying hard to not only increase the number of apps in their BlackBerry World but also trying to introduce the top featured apps which are available on Apple iTunes store as well as the Android Play Store.

WhatsApp is a well-known messenger which is used by most of the smartphone users and not having this on Z 10 was a major setback but it seems that now WhatsApp will soon be available and it will support the cause of BlackBerry to recapture its lost market.