You can also quick search for local places from different categories like restaurants, bars, cafes, gas stations, etc.  This was a much needed improvement and iOS users will welcome this addition with open arms.

Another useful feature added to the update is that now you can choose between Kilometres and Miles for your preferred distance unit. This will allow non US users to easily calculate the distance. These newly added features will surely increase the usability of the app on iOS but there are still some key features missing which Google should add in their next update.

According to Rob Pegoraro, version 1.1 of Google Maps does not give you access to the bicycling directions but this feature is available on the website and on the Android version.

Google Maps app was released for iOS in December and an update just after three months which shows that Google is working hard on the iOS version too and is willing to port all the features of Android app to the iOS version which seems promising.

Version 1.1 is now available to download from the App Store, but unfortunately iPad version is still mission from the store.