Knox was named for the Army outpost where US stores its gold but Samsung, with this project, will save the business data in its smartphones.  Samsung’s KNOX is based on SE Android, which is the android version of SE Linux. It was developed by US National Security Agency (NSA) and has TrustZone-based Integrity Monitoring (TIMA) for protecting the kernel.

What this application actually performs file level encryption on smartphones contents like emails, contacts and calendar entries and even browser history. This content will then be addressed via icons or relevant apps.

Knox would probably launch sometime this year and will find its way into many galaxy devices. Knox will be the part of SAFE and will include a software that would talk to Microsoft Exchange Server; tools that would allow for encryption of entire disks; tools that would allow for establishing VPN connections. This will allow the businesses to connect their employees’ mobile phones to the company network securely.

Samsung’s SAFE with Knox will face a strong competition from BlackBerry Balance.