According to Kuo not one but two iPhones will be released this summer. iPhone 5S will be powered by home baked new A7 chip based on 28-nanometer technology, a fingerprint-sensor and an improved camera which will be made by Sony. The new improved camera will have a low-light capability of ƒ2.0 and a “smart flash” with both white and yellow LEDs for improved white balance.

Kuo also revealed that iPhone 5S will have the same display size as of iPhone 5 and will be 7.6mm slim and will weigh 112 grams. He also suggests that it will retain the same metal body as iPhone 5 and will come in two colours same “black & slate” and “white & silver”. Kuo says that unlocked iPhone 5S will be priced between $600 and $700 while the lower cost iPhone will get the price tag of $350 or $450.

The cheaper iPhone will have a plastic case and will be available in multiple colours according to Kuo. It will be slightly thicker at 8.2 mm and will also weigh more with 130 grams. Kuo expects both the iPhones to be announced in June with the release date in July and will be shipped with iOS 7.

iMore also revealed the same specs for the upcoming iPhone but suggests the release date in August.