The expiration warnings sent by Microsoft reads, “Your subscription to Office 365 Home Premium Preview will expire on Saturday, March 16, 2013. To avoid a possible interruption of your subscription service, please renew your subscription by Saturday, March 16, 2013” notes Computer World.

The first previews for the Office 365 packages were released in July of 2012 and were said to expire in about two months after the launch of the final versions. The Home Premium version of Office 365 was released in US on January 29 and the business version on February 27. Considering a 2 month deadline which is March 16, the recent announcement indicates that Microsoft is in a hurry as the Office 365 previews will lapse in just 47 days instead of 60, as initially promised.

After expiration, the Office 365 will enter into a limited function mode and in order regain full functionality customers will have to go for paid subscriptions. One license for Office 365 Home Premium costs $99/year or $9.99/month and permits the installation of Office 2013 for Windows OS or Mac 2011 OS on up to 5 computers.