The revelation means that all the existing customers of IBM and new potential customers will be able to choose their own equipment vendors without having to worry about being stuck at some point in time without a way out. Customers will be able to choose from vendors such as Dell, HP, Rackspace and the likes.

Despite the fact that the big blue is not one of the biggest cloud players around, it is definitely trying to bite away its fair share of the cloud market, which according to Gartner is valued at somewhere near the $131 billion mark this year. IBM already has an application called “IBM SmartCloud Monitoring” which is basically monitors the progress and availability of the cloud applications.

“Everyone is talking about the cloud, but in order for it have real scale and impact, it’s pretty clear that standards and open source are going to be pretty important,” says Angel Diaz, IBM’s vice president for software standards, open source and high-performance computing notes AllThingsD.

IBM is keen to take over the cloud business and it has created a 400-member customer council which is devoted to cloud standards.