Announcing the release on Sunday afternoon, Torvalds noted hat despite the bugs, developers were quick enough to get onto them like “paparazzi on Justin Bieber.” Torvalds makes special mention of Peter, Rafael, and Ted and thanks them for their quick response.

Linux 3.9-rc1 comes with ports for new Metag and ARC CPU architectures; quite a lot of work on ARM; and a lot of work on Linux drivers related to networking, GPU, sound, staging and pinctrl. Torvalds notes that even though major work in file system has been for btrfs and ext4, there have been changes in filesystem just about everywhere.

“We’ve got two new architectures (metag and arc), and we’ve got tons of arm work (as usual), with even more platforms falling under the generic umbrella. MIPS tried to keep up by doing whitespace cleanup, but those arm people with their platform changes kept ahead” notes Torvalds. Linux 3.8 Kernel was released in mid-February.