The Lightning AV Adapter is capable of supporting 1080p HD display but the actual result points out that the maximum resolution it supports is 1600×900 pixels. This means that the claims for iPhone 5 and iPad mini to support video outputs to up to 1080p are false.

Practically the new adapter results in poor video output quality as compared to the previous generation adapter. This shows that the Lightning AV adapters are actually working as an AirPlay receiver that upscale the AirPlay stream to 1080p.

Surprisingly Panic found out that the adapter is powered by an ARM chip along with 256 MB of RAM! This is an unexpected move by Apple and it is still unknown that what OS it boots. There are many other questions which still need to be answered but this use of ARM chip has transformed the AV adapter into a Full-Fledged Computer!!

Well there is a bad news too, the streaming quality is poor and it’s not 1080p but what can we say its Apple style!!!