Wacom indicated that the tablet will be out sometime this summer and it will feature multi-touch capability; an HD display and will come with pressure-sensitive professional pen. However, no further details have been provided in regards to the OS or the hardware that will power the tablet but Wacom has hinted that it will be loaded with “other valuable features that you haven’t seen in other tablets,” which will be revealed closer to the tablet’s launch.

Wacom produces several other graphics tablets which still require a computer display. Most of their tablets are sold with a bundle of software such as Corel Paint and Photoshop. Interestingly each of their products is sold with a digital pen which usually do not work with tablets from other manufacturers.

After the teaser about the upcoming tablet, it is not farfetched to assume that the Bamboo maker is trying to grab a share from the increasing tablet market. Many of the professionals will surely take advantage of this tablet and the digital stylus will add the cherry on top!!