On two previous occasions Kim convinced the judges that they must be allowed to examine the ample amount of evidence presented against him by the US authorities. This time, he was not so lucky but he announced he will present his case at the Supreme Court.

After Kim Dotcom was arrested in New Zealand in January of 2012, along with his associates, it became clear that the US authorities will pursue their extradition by any means necessary, as the Megaupload founder and his accomplices were accused of copyright infringement, money laundering and racketeering, among other charges.

Kim’s attorneys argued that in order to defend himself, Kim must be granted full access to all of the evidence presented against him by the prosecutors. Kim won 2 appeals, one in May 2012 and another in August 2012, when the court ruled that he must be given access to withheld documents.

Things have changed after the latest ruling as U.S. government can go ahead with its extradition case by presenting it in a summary format as compared to detailed information as demanded by Dotcom’s legal team.

Dotcom has revealed that he will be taking the fight to the Supreme Court. “NZ Court rulings on discovery: 2 (yes) vs 1 (no). The fight goes on. Next is the Supreme Court of New Zealand.” he tweeted.