James Clappin, president of Corning Glass Technologies told Bloomberg that the main issue behind postponing Willow Gass is that companies have not yet come up with products that can take full advantage of Willow. The company is taking time to teach big gadget players on how to handle spools of the material, which can be made in a roll similar to newsprint.

“People are not accustomed to glass you roll up,” Clappin said. “The ability of people to take it and use it to make a product is limited.”

Apple is rumored to make a curved-glass smartwatch but it seems that we will not be able to see that before 3 years. It is to be noted that Corning sent out few samples of Willow Glass in the middle of 2012 to some of its customers.

In related Corning news, Gorilla Glass 3 was found to be more durable than Aluminum in tests conducted at MWC 2013.