Raspberry PI was first launched on 29 February 2012 in the UK and it was received with a huge amount of enthusiasm by the younger audience, as it featured an ARM processor and a £22 price tag. Farnell element14 has announced March to be Raspberry Pi month. Users visiting the element14 website will be asked to vote for their favourite projects. The company also baked a cake marking the completion of one year.

In January 2013, the Pi sold over 1,000,000 units and it received an upgrade during 2012 with a new design of its system board and additional RAM, from 256MB to 512MB. The Pi also received an official turbo patch thereby enabling users to get more out of the computer’s CPU. The Raspberry Pi foundation even announced a 5MP camera add-on for the gadget.

The Model A of the Raspberry Pi was released in February costing just £19 ($25) but, it doesn’t have an Ethernet chip and comes with just 256 MB of RAM.

A few games have also been ported onto the Raspberry Pi like the OpenArena and Minecraft Pocket Edition.