According to the list made available by iFixit, the tablet which is most easy to repair is Dells XPS 10 that runs on Windows RT. This 10.1-inch tablet has impressive battery life and iFixit Team has given it 9 scores out of 10. According to iFixit team, Dell XPS 10 has a very clean design throughout and makes good use of ZIF connectors and cables. The battery is easy to remove and replace as it is not glued in and there are only 6 screws to attach the power supply to the XPS 10’s case. There are just 20 screws in the whole slate which makes the tablet easiest to repair.

iFixit states that despite getting the top position not all the components of Dell XPS 10 are easy to repair. The LCD display of XPS 10 is fused to its front glass panel which is already glued to the plastic case. This means that if the cracked screen is to be fixed, all three of the components have to be replaced.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet is the most difficult tablet to repair, according to the teardown experts, as it managed to only get a score of 1.