According to rumours the device would be carrying a price tag of just $330 despite the fact that Apple is known for its premium price tag on igadgets. If the rumours are true, iPhone mini will boast of a large 4.5 inches screen placing it as a strong competitor against low cost large screen Android smartphones. The body case will be made from polycarbonate which Apple once used for its MacBook line up which will increase the thickness of the iPhone mini as compared to iPhone 5.

Apple is also going to add dual LED flash to improve the quality of the pictures taken in low light and the phone will be available in multiple colours. Earlier Apple CEO Tim Cook has denied all the rumors about cheaper iPhone saying, “The only thing we’ll never do is make a crappy product.”

“That’s the only religion we have: We must do something great.”

There were reports mid-February that Apple is going to postpone the release of iPhone 6 up until 2014 and instead will be releasing a refresh of iPhone 5. There news were followed by a leak of Apple’s alleged A7 CPU that will feature in iPhone 6 and probably the iPhone mini.