The new PlayStation 4 UI is heavily web based for a more social and digital gaming experience. The screen shots show off the sharing features, game streaming, friend feed, video trimming and user profile. The streaming feature allows gamers to stream their game to their friends or family and share the fun. They can also hand over the game control to their friends if they are stuck at some crucial point of the game.

The home screen looks different with bigger icons and tiles giving it a look similar to Microsoft Windows 8’s Tile based UI. Some of the screen shots also show how the PS4 UI will look like on smartphone and tablets apps.

For those who are still unaware, Sony announced its next-generation PlayStation 4 in New York earlier this month. PS4 is powered with custom made 8-core CPU from AMD and a Radeon GPU. It will come with new controller featuring a touchpad, a mono speaker, a light bar, and a Share button.

It seems a right move by Sony at the right time as Microsoft is gearing up with their next generation Xbox which will be announced soon. We will have to wait and see how it goes but for now PS4 has beat all other gaming consoles by miles.

[Image Credit: Edge Online]