The Copyright Alert System (CAS) better known as ‘Six Strikes’ has been rolled out in the US through a collaborative effort between five major US ISPs, RIAA and MPAA. The five ISPs which have moved forward with the CAS are AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner Cable and Cablevision. ISPs have the right to decide their own policy and mitigation measures against serial copyright infringers.

Based on this, Comcast has come up with its measures whereby it will send out four alerts to its account holders who are found to have been violating copyright laws by sharing such material illegally over peer-to-peer networks. After the fourth alert, “Comcast will place a persistent alert in any web browser under that account until the account holder contacts Comcast’s Customer Security Assurance professionals to discuss and help resolve the matter”, notes Comcast in an FAQ page about CAS.

Comcast has however noted that it will not be enforce any bandwidth caps or resort to account closure. Comcast notes, “We will never use account termination as a mitigation measure under the CAS. We have designed the pop-up browser alerts not to interfere with any essential services obtained over the Internet.”