The six monthly Ubuntu Developer Summits organized by Canonical aims to bring together the brightest of minds in the Ubuntu developer community in a bid to develop a “rigorous set of blueprints and work items for the forthcoming release of Ubuntu.” Bacon revealed that the event has been successful but, in a bid to bring about improvements and refinement in the openness and accessibility of the event, the event is going to transition into an online event.

The online event will take place every quarter for two days and will include “live video discussion sessions, complete with integrated discussion, note-taking, and harnessing social media” and will “make extensive use of Google+ Hangouts On Air split across four channels, Client, Server & Cloud, Community, and App Developers, with each channel having two video streams totalling 8 potential concurrent UDS topics”, notes Bacon.

The cloud based events will be similar to the physical ones and will be having the same schedule and plenary session while being all the more open and transparent with the ability to record all sessions for later analysis.

Another advantage of online meetings is that people who were previously unable to travel physically to the respective locations, will now be allowed to participate; also, the summits will happen more often than twice a year, not to mention the time and money saved by switching to an online event.

The first one will take place on 5 and 6 March, two months before the traditional UDS date and also just before the final release of Ubuntu 13.04.