The yet to be made available publicly, Google is going to release the first iteration of Google Glass at a sub-$1500 price to general public with shipments starting sometime this year itself rather than 2014.

News about Google Glass 2 came to light after Patent Bolt revealed a patent application for the augmented reality glasses on February 23. The blog detailed about what is to be a dual-eye version using lasers for providing images for both eyes, instead of the monocular vision of the first generation.

“Now Google Glass Part 2 is in the works which is about dual-eye displays known as binocular Head Mounted Displays”, notes the blog.

The report is definitely surprising since Google is still developing the original Google Glass eyewear, with its “Glass Foundry” program, aimed to collect input from developers who were given access to the Glass for testing. Just recently Google announced that Google Glass will transmit sound by vibrations through user’s bones, rather than using speakers. The Google Glass will consist of an Android powered display, a small webcam, a built in GPS receiver and an internet connection, all implemented into a pair of lightweight glasses.

The first public appearance of the device was on January 21, they were used by Brin, Google’s co-founder, when travelling with the NY subway system.