Presented first at CES earlier in 2013, Corning put its Gorilla Glass 3 through a stress test at the Mobile World Congress 2013 in a bid to demonstrate the superiority of the new technology. Gorilla Glass 3 has a different glass composition from the previous generation right at the atomic level making it more durable than its predecessors.

Corning describes the Glass 3 as having “native damage resistance” and this translates in real life as more scratch resistant with reduced scratch visibility and much better maintained durability once scratched. And after all this fancy talk, they put it to test.

When compared with competing glass, Gorilla Glass 3 proved to be almost indestructible, passing the test with just a tiny scratch while the other was shattered to pieces after a steel ball was dropped upon them. And, it actually proved to be more durable than a piece of aluminum, when hit with the same steel ball.

I am looking forward to see the first devices featuring Gorilla Glass 3, as they were announced for the middle of the year. Images below: Gorilla Glass 3, Competing Glass and Aluminum.