Once the leader of the notorious hacking group, Sabu plead guilty to all counts of bank fraud and identity theft offences and was to receive 124 years of imprisonment. But, he was granted a six-month breather back in August 2012 after the US Government requested District Attorney to consider adjournment of Monsegur’s trial “in light of the defendant’s ongoing cooperation with the Government.”

New reports indicate that Sabu has dodged the sentencing for the second time with no dates set for the next hearing. No further information has been provided stating the reason for the delay.

Lulzsec gained a lot of fame in the hacking world because of the hacking spree the group was involved in. Sabu also gained a lot of respect within the hacking community because of his leadership and group’s involvement in a number of high-profile hacks that ripped apart the security of the likes of Fox, MasterCard and Visa.

But, this fame didn’t last long for Sabu as he turned to ‘grassing’ other Lulzsec members after he was arrested. Lulzsec was dismantled due to a series of arrests carried out by the FBI through his help. Sabu, because of his support, may very well receive a reduced sentence.