Confirmed to c|net and The Verge by their sources, Google Glass may possibly be released to general public by Google through its retail stores it is believed. The project’s existence was initially revealed in 2012 and the first shipments were expected for 2014, but Google managed to move faster with the development.

Developer preview of Project Glass was made available to interested devs through an application process for a price of $1500. For promoting its latest gadget, Google has launched a new website, where you can see a video depicting the Google Glass eyewear in action.

It was also confirmed that Glass will feature voice control, Bluetooth connectivity for both iPhone and Android devices and will also come with Wi-Fi and 3g-LTE data transfer capability when connected to a phone, but it will not have its own cellular radio.

The Google Glass were put to the test recently by  The Verge’s Joshua Topolsky and he reported that the experience was almost  identical to what is depicted in the promotional video, except from minor glitches in the Voice Control and slow data connections.