Ready to accept donation in the form of Bitcoin, the Internet Archive announced that it wants to do so to pay some part of employees’ salaries, if they choose to, in Bitcoin. The Archive, known for its storage of digital documents especially the previous version of webpages, is looking to start part salary payments in Bitcoin by April 2013 if everything goes well.

Internet Archive gave Bitcoin the status of “local currency” and noted in its blog , “Some Internet Archive employees have elected to receive some of their pay in Bitcoin in April. If this is successful we hope to make it a continuing option.”

Just last year Bitcoin Central got an approval to operate as a bank from the French authorities, while Kim Dotcom’s Mega started accepting payments for premium storage options through Bitcoin starting just a few days back. Reddit also started accepting Bitcoin for Reddit Gold and WordPress is also accepting digital currency for quite some time now.

Brewster Kahle, the Internet Archive’s founder, wrote, “There are local currencies like Ithaca Hours or Bernal Bucks that facilitate trading within a community. Bitcoins are kind of like that. It is for those of the Internet.”