Yoshida was interviewed after Sony unveiled its new PlayStation 4 in New York. Yoshida, when asked if Sony will restrict second hand games on the PS4, he responded. “Do you want us to do that?” he asked. The response was definitely NO, and he commented, “Yes. That’s the general expectation by consumers. They purchase physical form, they want to use it everywhere, right? So that’s my expectation.”

“So, used games can play on PS4. How is that?”

Another official from Sony explained that the patent had nothing to do with the PS4, it was actually about a tag applied on the disc which is recognized by the gaming console and doesn’t allow you to sell it to anyone else in the future. The whole idea is to link the disk with the user account, the disk is branded with your personal information and you will not  be able to use it on other consoles, hence only time will tell  if Sony will stick to its promise.