Until now, companies used to restrain their employees from using their personal smarphones at work due to security concerns. The AppScan will help such businesses and many others as IT chiefs will be able to verify what types of apps their employees are using on their iPads or iPhones, notifying them about possible security breaches or potential dangers.

First introduced in 2008 by IBM, the AppScan scanner uses technology borrowed from Rational Software, a subsidiary of IBM. While developing the AppScan for iOS, IBM put under scrutiny over 40,000 mobile apps that were created using iOS Sofware Development Kit.

Caleb Barlow, Director of mobile security at IBM said, “You’ve got seven billion people on the planet two billion have computers and five billion have phones.”

“Of those five billion phones, their all becoming smartphones in the next 12 to 36 months, so if you’re a bad guy forget about the computer lets go after the phone” Barlow added.