The PS4 will be running on standard PC hardware featuring  an 8 core processor unified with the customized  AMD next-gen Radeon based GPU; 8 GB DDR5 RAM and the all new DualShock 4 controller that has a touchpad; a share button; a lightbar and a standard headphone jack. The touchpad based controller confirms earlier leaks which pointed to existence of such a controller.

The lightbar works in tandem with the camera on the PS4 and is used to measure the distance between the console and the player. The PlayStation Eye was upgraded too; it has 2 video cameras capable of shooting HD videos at 1280x720p resolution at 60 fps. Another upgrade from the PS3 is the background uploading and downloading capability, this allows the player to update the game or the system in the background, even while playing thanks to an additional processor.

The true novelty consists in the social experiences offered by the new PS4 along with the Gaikai technology, which allows you to play any game online before you buy it.  Among other things, a cool feature of Gaikai is the spectating mode, which allows the player to share the game session with a friend.

Overall, the new console is targeting mostly gamers, as Sony’s Andy House explained: “The living room is no longer the center of the PlayStation universe, the gamer is.”