The Gx72 has twice the computing power of the 36 core Tile-Gx36 chip which was launched about a year ago.  Bob Doud, the director of processor strategy at Tilera, said: “It’s [Tile-Gx72] going to be the biggest, baddest processor out there,”

Tilera has been an active player in the SoC market and competing with the likes of IBM, Intel and AMD. Since 2007 the company has kept on increasing the number of cores in their processors as demand for higher performance and energy efficiency from the processor industry grew. Tilera is working towards putting in 100 energy efficient 64 bit cores in just one processor since 2009 – a feat it hasn’t managed to achieve yet.

The new Gx-72 SoC is meant for networking and firewall appliances as well as SDN networking as it offers superior data transfer speeds of 100 Gbps. The chip also allows for data processing at 4 million transactions/second and streaming video at 50 Gbps.

For the moment, the Tile-Gx72 is in its testing/sampling phase and it will be showcased by Tilera at the RSA security event which is set to take place in San Francisco from February 25 to March 1.