Launched back in August 2012, managed to garner a million users within the first six hours of the service going live. Within the next 15 days it went onto register over 10 million users followed by 25 million near the end of November – all these while it was in its ‘preview’ stage.

Microsoft has now taken away the ‘preview’ tag from the service thereby indicating that the service is now ready to leave its early days behind. Microsoft has also confirmed plans that it is going to spend some serious money to advertise its new service and will start a forced migration of its Hotmail users over to

Looking at the increase in the number of users, between mid-August 2012 and late-November 2012 managed to gain over 142,000 members a day while during the period between late November 2012 and mid of February 2013 it registered over 421,000 members a day. Microsoft is seemingly happy with these numbers as it has said that the acceleration in number of registration is ‘great to see.’

Redmond is going to go all in on the advertising campaigns and will shift attention to ads for regular users as compared to ads for nerds – if I may, which it has served until now. The new set of promotions is planned through cable and broadcast television thereby addressing the ‘home’ crowd.