New users who receive 50 GB of free storage space on sign-up can now pay for an upgrade using Bitcoins instead of PayPal or credit card. At the current rate of £17 ($27) for one Bitcoin one can buy 2 months worth of storage.

Bitcoin was launched as an alternative to PayPal and credit cards in 2009 and it offers more anonymity when making purchases on the internet since Bitcoin payments are not processed by Credit Card companies and the likes.

The new Mega is relatively secure and anonymous since uploaded files are encrypted – meaning that even the site’s admins don’t have any idea about what’s being uploaded. Accepting Bitcoin payments is a further step in ensuring user’s anonymity, since the virtual currency is almost untraceable.

“#Mega now accepts #BITCOIN via our newest reseller Bitvoucher: ,” Dotcom tweeted on Saturday.

Mega claims that it has over 3 million users but, it is not the first web company to accept Bitcoin. Reddit announced last week that it will accept the virtual currency for its Gold membership. A start-up in US has started accepting Bitcoins for pizza orders.