Linus released the Linux 3.8-rc6 at the start of the month and had warned developers against sending in large number commits that are bulky. Developers seem to have taken the warning seriously. Announcing the release through a mailing list, Linus revealed the new kernel and noted that the last week was quite calm when it came to commits because they were less in numbers and smaller in size. “…the really good news is that things calmed down a lot on the last week. There are noticeably fewer commits, and they are also all quite small”, Torvalds wrote.

Some of the features of the Linux 3.8 are inclusion of new F2FS file-system, support for EXT4 inline data and true CPU hot-plug, removal of support for Intel i386, improvements in Radeon driver performance, Intel DRM among others. You can have a look at a detailed list of features here.

According to Linus, a Btrfs fix hasn’t been merged into the Linux 3.8 and it is likely that it won’t be merged up until a stable release is announced. The Linux 3.9 merge window is opening this week and some of the great merges that are planned include Kernel mode-setting locking, Intel no-reloc optimization, Radeon driver support for the AMD HD 8000 Series GPUs along with Radeon DRM improvements, support for Google Chromebooks, Intel Haswell support, early support for NVIDIA Tegra 4 among others.