Fans may very well be slightly disappointed by the odd design but, the source has warned that the controller may be an early prototype. From the looks of it a touch screen has been incorporated in the middle of the controller.  An industry insider confirmed the photo to be real, but that doesn’t necessarily means the final product will have the same design.

Gamers will find out soon enough about the latest PlayStation, as Sony is holding a special event on February 20 in New York that will most certainly see the launch of the next generation PlayStation console.

Beyond the redesigned console the PlayStation 4 also dubbed as Orbis by many is going to feature capabilities whereby it will be able to display games in stereoscopic 3D at Ultra HD 4K resolution. According to other rumours the gaming console is only going to play downloadable games. This is quite a bizarre one considering that PlayStation 4 will support much higher graphics and to download such games enough bandwidth is not available across all the countries.