Based on the revolutionary technology dubbed Switchable Glass – a form of OLED (conductive) that makes use of liquid crystal molecules for displaying images, the phone is cloud white when in powered off state but, becomes transparent when it is powered on.

At the moment, the phone is not entirely transparent as there are some components visible under its translucent skin, like the SD card, the SIM card, the camera and batteries and so on, but Polytron intends to mask them with a darker glass plate when the smartphone will go into mass production.

The display technology is still in a development phase as of this writing but, once developed the smartphone will feature two touch screens, on the front and back, creating new possibilities for the OS and user interface design.

Whether users and the consumer market are ready to accept such a transparent gadget or not is a secondary questions but as Avi Greengart, and research director at Current Analysis, puts it: “Display quality is paramount,If the display quality is not up to par with the best of today’s AMOLED and LCD screens, a phone using it won’t sell even for its novelty value.”