Windows 8 users downloading the nightly build, starting Wednesday, will be provided with a metro version of the Firefox browser. Users will see a metro tile for the browser on the far right of the start screen. Announcing the release of the browser in a blog post Asa Dotzler noted, “…if you are on the Firefox Nightly channel and you have a Windows 8 device, your Wednesday Firefox update should deliver a Metro Firefox tile to the far right end of your Windows Start screen.”

According to Mr. Dotzler, there is still work to be done on the ’metro’ based Firefox, but now he is sure that this version of Firefox is stable enough to be tested by larger number of users. Surprisingly Mozilla hasn’t stopped using the term ‘Metro’ when referring to Windows 8’s tile-based UI despite the fact that Microsoft has itself stopped using it since 2012 following a trademark dispute with German company Metro AG.

The Metro version of Firefox may be downloaded from the Firefox Nightly website and it is updated every day, for those of you who want to help test this new distribution of Firefox but with less frequent updates, you can wait until the launch of the web browser in the Aurora release channel, 6 weeks from now, according to Mozilla’s timetable.  

It is always advisable not to use the nightly builds in production environment or for critical systems as these builds are in the very early stages of release and may be riddled with security vulnerabilities or critical bugs.