The DDoS attacks lasted for more than 24 hours and are being coordinated by a person who goes by alias Zeiko Anonymous, an old enemy of, the world’s biggest music BitTorrent tracker. All the trackers have seemingly recovered for now.

These attacks are being orchestrated by Zeiko Anonymous as he had an argument in November 2012 with’s staff, after he was denied an invitation for the tracker. After the incident, a number of DDos attacks followed against a number of private trackers, including The Pirate Bay, which stopped after a short period of time. The recent attacks seem to be the beginning of new phase retaliation which may be serious.

It is nothing new for file sharing websites and their staff to be the victims of online threats and even attacks. Actually, quite a few BitTorrent admins were threatened with DDoS attacks if they failed to execute payments in the bullies accounts, and due to the nature of such enterprise, i.e. online file sharing, they didn’t afford the luxury to call the police, as you can imagine.

Not every online threat is serious or criminal in essence, sometimes the attacks are being performed just for fun, but there is always a hazard to admins to lose their sites, after a well coordinated DDoS attack.