Following the footsteps of Nokia and its Lumia wireless chargers, Google has probably put out the best looking device out there on Play Store but, it would be a good idea that buyers refrain from buying one of these as there are a couple of flaws with the device which makes it rather useless.

First is Google’s decision to go with “induction charging” technology has inflicted a serious blow on the capability of the device to charge smartphones. Painfully slow as compared to micro-usb, the technology manages to fully charge the Nexus 4 in about 4 hours which is an hour longer than the 3 hours standard charging time of Nexus 4.

Secondly considering the inclined shape of the device, the charger may not be compatible with all Qi compatible device as many of those actually come with magnets everywhere that are used to keep the gadget firm into place. This is where the compatibility of the charger can be challenged. The $60 price tag is definitely on the higher end of the spectrum considering that it might not be able to charge all devices it advertises to.