As it stands, European regulators are looking to amend the General Data Protection Regulation while the tech firms are busy lobbying and submitting their own version of changes such that they will have the ability to retain, use and process user data even after the amendments. Committee members have also been asked to suggest changes to the proposed regulation.

It turns out that Privacy International carried out a research based on the results of which it claims that these members haven’t actually put any efforts apart from directly cutting and pasting content from documents submitted by the lobbying group. According to the watchdog one of the members, Malcolm Harbour, has copied over 25 per cent of his work directly from documents provided by lobbyists.

There are quite a few other members who have allegedly plagiarized their contributions. Some of these include Sajjad Karim, Giles Chichester, Giles Chichester among others. The results of the comparisons can be found here at LobbyPlag – the project under which the watchdog went about comparing the suggestions provided by committee members with those submitted by major technology firms, trade associations and companies.

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